January 2007 News Letter

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A Message From the President

Dear Neighbor,

            Time and again I speak to friends and neighbors about things happening in Miller Place, and Brookhaven/Suffolk County in general and more often than not I hear “I didn’t know that.” Being involved with our civic association does not make me, or any of the other board members, privy to information about everything occurring in our area. I rely on the two local newspapers. Some issues are brought directly to the civic’s attention, but many more are not. The Beacon Record and North Shore Sun have the facts, and these papers contain a wealth of information every week. The editorials and letters to the editor give a perspective that you may not always agree with, but they’ll help you consider various opinions. It’s important for us to know what is happening in and affecting our neighboring towns as well. This is not a solicited endorsement, just a little encouragement to help keep everyone informed.

                                                                                                                       Kathy Rousseau

MPCA Board of Directors

                      Kathy Rousseau - President/Membership           Jim Moran- Vice President, Zoning/Planning
                      Kyle Markott– Zoning/Planning                          Frank Klement-Traffic and Safety
                      Rita Miszuk– Secretary                                      Phil Harrington - Environment
                      Jackie Czarnecki - School Affairs, Seniors          Mike Guido-Zoning/Planning, Schools
                      Rocco Morabito

Board Meetings are held the second Monday of the month.
General membership meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month.

General Membership Meetings

January 31, 2007 7:30 PM
Joint Meeting With Other Local Civics
Miller Avenue School, Shoreham

February 26, 2007 7:30 PM
Claire Mangellie, School Board President
Miller Place High School Library

Hamlet Study Update

There were unsuccessful requests to update the hamlet study made by past president Antoinette Carbone during Brookhaven’ previous administration. We are glad to report this is finally underway. John Kreutz, from Councilman McCarrick’s office, who is a longtime Civic member and a member of the group who wrote the last version, is coordinating the endeavor from the town’s perspective. The previous study was completed in 1995, before word processing was common, and the sections were typed by the individuals assigned. The first step to initiate the update was to transfer the information to a document that is easily accessible. Woody Brown is managing this for us and we thank him for all his work. We are now asking for volunteers from our membership to review the existing document and make recommendations for the update. We believe this should be completed at least every ten years, especially in lieu of all the development our area continues to experience. This document is purportedly utilized by t the town in determining the appropriateness of requests made for development, particularly changes in zoning. If you are interested please call or email . We are planning to begin our meetings in the Spring.

Website Update

Another update you’ll be seeing soon is at our website. We’re aiming to make it more comprehensive with current information along with archives of newsletters and meeting minutes, committee reports, more of the history of Miller Place and our Civic, photos, and links to other websites of local interest. We’ll inform you as this moves along but we’d also appreciate your input. Please email your suggestions.

Suffolk County

WINTERFEST 2007 runs from January 19th through March 25th. The East End Arts council invites you to experience the East End during the off-season. For the most up to date calendar of events and special offers visit www.liwinterfest.com. There is information on concerts, historic walking tours, photography contests, dance and arts exhibits, along with unique offers from restaurants, hotels, B& Bs, wineries, and local shops. This is funded in part by the county under the auspices of the Office of Cultural Affairs.

Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Associations, Inc.

ABCOs next meeting will be held on February 19th with Brian Foley as the guest speaker. Our representatives to this group are Frank Klement, Jackie Czarnecki, and Adele Broderick. They are asking membership for questions to ask Mr. Foley regarding general town issues or ones specific to us in Miller Place. Supervisor Foley will be the speaker at our May general membership meeting as well. Please email questions or call prior to that meeting date.

Brookhaven’s New Hotline

Brookhaven has become the first Suffolk county town to establish a constituent Response System, which gives residents an easy to remember number (such as 311) to call Town Hall to have complaints addressed. This new number has not yet been identified but it will be installed over the course of the year and be fully operational by year’s end. More than 75 governments nationwide utilize a similar system, the first on Long Island being North Hempstead. The town board has authorized 1.45 million in bonds to pay for the hardware and software needed to equip the five departments identified as receiving the most public calls– Waste Management, Highway, Code Enforcement, Parks, and Street Lighting. Consultants have estimated that the town will field one call per residents a year, equal to 480,000 calls. A call center plan is being developed with two full time and two part timers budgeted.

Handicapped Parking Enforcement Program

The Office of Handicapped Services has implemented a Handicap Parking Enforcement Program (853-4405) where volunteer agents patrol with Polaroid (not digital?) cameras to ticket violators. Parking areas are also checked for compliance with the handicapped parking requirements of the State Vehicle and Traffic Law. If someone is found parking illegally they will face a fine of up to $230.00, and a potential forged permit felony charge for those who creatively fake information on a handicapped parking placard.

February Meeting

School Board President Claire Mangelli will be our guest at the February general membership meeting to continue to gather your opinions on ways to solve the space issue in our schools. It is commendable that the current school board is reaching out to residents in many venues prior to developing and putting up a plan to vote. Many residents have great questions and ideas but just don’t have the time to attend school board meetings. By board members making themselves available on weekends and at meetings like ours you all have the opportunity to speak up.

Town of Brookhaven

There is a new requirement for those bagging brush items for collection. Paper yard waste bags are now required. The Department of Waste Management offers paper brush bags to residents at cost. Paper yard waste bags are also available at many supermarkets, hardware stores, and home supply stores. Plastic bags may still be used for leaves only.

Historic Society News

The Miller Place-Mt. Sinai Historic Society continues its membership drive and is updating its web site for  2007 events.  Visit www.mpmshistoricalsociety.org for more info.  Members are eligible to vote in their next election slated for April, receive newsletters, and discounts to events.   Are you interested in serving on the board or a committee?  Do you have fresh, new ideas?  Call 476-5742.  The society also maintains one window in the kiosk outside Stop & Shop.  Check it out! Their next meeting is Monday, March 5, 2007 at the Port Jefferson Library. The guest speaker is Dan Tractenberg, curator at the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, who will speak on Steam Ships.

Farewell to Santa and friends until next year!!


Thank-you to all members who have mailed in their 2007 renewal.
New residents are added to our mailing list for several months which is indicated with an * after your name. Printing and postage is one of our main expenses and the reason we have to limit the number of newsletters sent out to non-members.


Newspapers have been following the Broadwater debacle on a regular basis, plus a wealth of information is available online. The most recent news is that FERC is not allowing any additional public hearings although the vast majority of those in our area never had a chance to voice their opinion at Shoreham on Jan. 11th due to the tremendous turnout. That alone should’ve made a strong statement to the federal regulators against the plan. More info at www.ferc.gov.

General Membership Meetings Dates for 2007

Feb 26         School Board President Claire Mangelli
March 26         TBA
April 23            TBA
May 21        Brian Foley,    Brookhaven Supervisor
September 23         TBA
November 26         TBA



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