May 2007 News Letter

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A Message From the President

Dear Neighbor,

            We’d like to thank and acknowledge the following for their contributions of supplies for our clean-up on April 14th: All Star Activewear, Better On A Bagel, Brookhaven Highway Department, Dan LoSquadro, McDonalds, Stop and Shop, and Starbucks.
            And a huge thank-you to the volunteers, Boy Scout Troop 204 especially, who know it’s important to give up a little personal time to improve the asthetics of our hamlet: Joseph & Chris Argento, Jerry & Anthony Cordiale, Emily Cumbo, Danny DeLucia, Cathy DiPaolo, Antoinette Donato, Soloman & Virgelene Jones, Anna & Yoshi Kedoin, Kara & Mary Patrovic, Matt Romanoski, Mike & Kevin Talento, Chris & Justin Willig, Dean Zeffer, board members Frank Klement and Jim Moran and anyone who may not have signed in that morning. Please think about picking up the litter in your own neighborhoods. A little effort really does make a difference in at least curbing a problem in which we have no other control.
            Don’t forget: School Budget Vote/Board Trustee Election May 15th!

                                                                                                                       Kathy Rousseau

MPCA Board of Directors

                      Kathy Rousseau - President/Membership           Jim Moran- Vice President, Zoning/Planning
                      Kyle Markott– Zoning/Planning                          Frank Klement-Traffic and Safety
                      Rita Miszuk– Secretary                                      Phil Harrington - Environment
                      Jackie Czarnecki - School Affairs, Seniors          Mike Guido-Zoning/Planning, Schools
                      Rocco Morabito

Board Meetings are held the second Monday of the month.
General membership meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month.

General Membership Meeting

May 21 , 2007 7:30 PM
Mike Cosel, Rails to Trails
Brian Foley, Brookhaven Supervisor
Miller Place Fire Department

2007 Board Of Director Elections

The following civic members are running for a position on our Board of Directors. The election is planned for the May 21, 2007 membership meeting. There are 6 open positions therefore the following will be accepted by acclamation if there are no other nominees from the floor that night. Besides the five terms ending this year, Phil Harrington resigned his position due to other responsibilities. We thank him for the time he was involved and will continue to call on him for advise on environmental issues, particularly concerning lighting.

Woody Brown lives in the heart of the Miller Place Historic District on the farmland originally purchased by his ancestor Andrew Miller in the 1680's.  He is now the 10th generation to reside on the property.  He was previously employed at a National Super Computer Facility and later in a network startup eventually purchased by Marconi, an early pioneer in radio transmissions tested in Rocky Point. He is currently self-employed, contracting in the computer-network field and continues to keep alive the local farming tradition by selling eggs and vegetables.  Woody is active within the community, helping with the Miller Place Academy Renovations and the Library book sales. Within the Civic, Woody has digitized our 1996 Hamlet Study and our Constitution By-Laws and is a member of the core group working on the 2007 Hamlet Study updates.  He has successfully updated our web site and is currently working on future enhancements.

Jacqueline Czarnecki (Incumbent) has been a member of the Civic since 1975 and has served in many capacities from Trustee to President. She is currently president of the Miller Place Senior Citizens Club, and serves on the Mt. Sinai Harbor Advisory Committee. She also represents the MPCA at ABCO. She has been on various committees in the school system such as budget and building. “ I believe that the Civic Association is the voice of our community and would like to continue to serve. Thank-you.”

Mike Guido (Incumbent) is a lifelong resident of Brookhaven Town and has lived in Miller Place with his wife and two children for the past 8 years. He has been an active member of the civic association for 6 years and a Civic Board member for the past 2 years. His goals as a member of the Civic Board are to enhance communication between the Civic Association, the residents and the School District. “I believe all need to be involved in the future development of Miller Place to ensure that our community grows responsibly. With commercial and residential development happening all over Miller Place a well organized strategy for the future is essential.”

Kyle Markot (Incumbent) has been a fixture in the Miller Place Community for 25 years now.  Growing up here Kyle has a tremendous appreciation for the town of Miller Place and its residents.  For the past 14 years Kyle has served as a volunteer in the Miller Place Fire Department.  In 2007, he became the youngest Third Assistant Chief in the history of the MPFD.  In June of 2006 Kyle launched his own restaurant named Gio’s of Miller Place.  Since that time Gio’s has become a fixture in Miller Place as becoming known as the best place for great pizza and Italian food.  Kyle also serves as a trustee on the Miller Place Board of Education.  Kyle became a member of the Civic Association to help make a difference in the community and would like to enhance that work by continuing to be part of the Board of Directors. 

James Moran (Incumbent)as Vice President and Chairman of Zoning, he has strived to improve relationships and communications between the organization and the community. ”During my two terms on the Board, I have had the opportunity as Chairman of Zoning to be involved in many large commercial zoning projects that have had a positive impact on this community. If re-elected I will continue to strive to keep lines of communications open with the community and work for this hamlet.” James lives in Miller Place with his wife and two daughters.

The Miller Place School District Scholarship Fund

is forming a scholarship in memory of Pamela Waltz.
Contributions can be mailed to:
               Miller Place High School
               Pamela Waltz Memorial Scholarship Fund
               15 Memorial Drive
               Miller Place NY  11764
(Checks payable to:  Miller Place School District Scholarship Fund) For further information, contact Debbie Rasweiler at MPHS office, 474-2723.

Planning/Zoning update

We want to update residents on the DeLea Sod Farm. Our May meeting already has a full schedule and we break for the summer. Instead, there will be a special meeting May 14th from 7:30-8, MP Fire Dept., prior to our regular monthly Board of Directors meeting for those of you interested. The planning/zoning committee met with the attorney for the Beechwood Corporation on April 10th to review several application modifications to what we’ve seen already. We discussed alternatives in an attempt to obtain property for the School District for a far in the future school if and when the community feels it is necessary. This may never happen, but we feel it is important to be proactive since there are no other similar opportunities on the horizon.

New construction in Miller Place by the development team of Eric Grell and Jeffrey Cergol.


Welcome to new members Robert Geiser and Arlene Osiecki. Thank-you to all members who have mailed in their 2007 renewal.
New residents are added to our mailing list for several months which is indicated with an * after your name. There are many new names included in this mailing. Please visit our Web Site,, to learn more about our association and consider membership. New members receive a 3 month subscription to the North Shore Sun.

Support the Troops

The Rocky Point Lion’s Club is spearheading a 2007 campaign for northeast Brookhaven with local businesses and groups for contributions to send our troops care packages, letters/cards of encouragement. Be on the lookout for collection boxes throughout Miller Place in the near future. A list of suggested items has been hung in the kiosk at the Stop & Shop center. As collection sites are established they will be posted in the kiosk and on our website. For more information please contact Lion’s President Lou Gallo at, 821-2290 or Event Chairman Bob Caggiano, 375-0993.

General Membership Meetings

May 21, 2007 7:30 PM
Brian Foley, Brookhaven Supervisor
Mike Cosel, Rails to Trails
Miller Place Fire Department



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