Summer 2006 News Letter

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A Message From the President

Dear Neighbor,

The hardest part of the “job” of representing members of our association is having to admit there has not been progress on a situation we are working on or assisting with. Until you become involved with attempting to facilitate change, it is truly astonishing how the follow-up phone calls/emails required can be too numerous to count. Examples are the development of the Delea Sod Farm as well as keeping tabs on all land use issues that effect our hamlet, and traffic safety concerns. There is a positive story this month due to the efforts of one of our residents. We encourage you all to try and instigate changes you feel passionate about. Half the battle is keeping the issue alive by having the fortitude to follow up on leads and promises, often many times over, and not be frustrated by the time involved. Hoping you’re enjoying summer!
Kathy Rousseau


Traffic Safety by Frank Klement
Recently we received a request from Jennifer Connolly of Oakland Ave to assist her efforts in correcting the hazard of high speed vehicles using her street. This part of Oakland Avenue is north of 25A and south of North Country Road. This has become a convenient cut through, creating high speed congestion on a residential street. The problem was compounded by poor visibility caused by encroaching tree limbs and the lack of curbing. This permitted faster turns from North Country Road onto Oakland Avenue.
Mrs. Connolly organized a letter writing campaign supporting her request to correct this problem. Dan LoSquadro’s office responded with additional police surveillance. Kevin McCarricks’s office implemented the necessary paperwork for signage, delineation, pavement marking, and vegetation removal.
The new reduced (25mph)speed signs are in place, brush and tree limbs have been removed, improving visibility, and a request for “No Thru Trucks” signs will come before the Town Council shortly. The Brookhaven Traffic Safety Dept. will install delineation poles supporting pavement marking that will reduce the turn radius from North Country Road to Oakland Avenue.
A big Thank-you to all that made this happen. And congratulations to Jennifer for a job well done!
A new problem has been identified on Sylvan Ave. in the area of The Vineyards. There were two recent accidents with vehicles crashing through the white plastic fence and landing in a resident’s backyard. This has been brought to the attention of the town’s Traffic Safety Dept. and an investigation is ongoing. The residents would like to see a substantial fence installed, and rightfully so. When our Board met with representatives from Ornstein-Leyton in Nov 2003 to discuss the chain link fence they were erecting along 25A we suggested they invest in a more appropriate, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing fence for their residents. They didn’t want to hear it, stating the cost made it prohibitive.

Send Postcards of Support to U.S. Troops Overseas Via Xerox Web Site

 Lets Say Thanks
You can go to this web site and pick out a thank you card designed by a child. Xerox will print and have it sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq.  You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services.  It is FREE and only takes a few minutes of your time.  This is a wonderful way to let
our soldiers know we are thinking of them.
New pond garden
A memorial garden, initiated by a town council resolution passed by Kevin McCarrick in response to requests by residents, was planted on the west side of the pond on June 17th by a group of volunteers led by master gardener Loretta Quintana. A pink dogwood tree provides the central focal point surrounded by hydrangeas, holly bushes, and perennials. An addition of mulch by the Parks Department to keep the weeds under control is expected any day now. We think it is a fitting remembrance of Kelli Harkins, an avid gardener, which will become more beautiful as years go by.
Shop Locally
There is a fabulous new store in the Friendlys’ shopping center called Chef’s Cupboard which offers an interesting collection of food products from national and international sources. I could have easily bought one of everything, but my first purchases included luscious lemon cookies, whipped honey, Corky’s Memphis barbeque sauce, crystallized ginger, balsamic onions, and White Lily flour. Yes, I’m a Food TV junkie who likes to try new ideas and products, which makes this store all the more intriguing. I encourage you to visit and browse the selection of items. Owner Patricia Nicholas and her staff will make recommendations for teas, and sweet or savory choices. It is a shopping experience unlike any other here in Miller Place.
The Best Sources of Local News
Although we try to keep you updated on issues the civic is involved with there is a wealth of local current news within the pages of the Beacon Record (751-7744) and the North Shore Sun (929-6166) newspapers every week. A subscription to both is recommended.




































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